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Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Family

HAPPY FAMILY : Television Series

Happy Family will make your life great.”

Who doesn't want to have a happy family? I don't think there will be a person who'll wish that they rather be from a broken family. Having a great and happy family will be nice and that you too will certainly be happy being part of it. It'll give you something to be proud of as your parents are together and that you are close to them along with your siblings. I know that there's no perfect family you'll definitely encounter such problems that will shake your relationship with each other but still a family with love will stick together, understand, help and be with each other.

Happy Family was first aired on the 9th of September 2003 and ended on the 20th of April 2004. It was created by Moses Port and David Guarascio and it has only one (1) season with twenty-two (22) episodes. It follows the lives of a couple with twenty-something children and planning celebrating life as a couple again as they thought their kids will be be getting out of home because they all grown up.

Peter and Annie Brennan portrayed by John Larroquette and Christine Baranski respectively are couple with twenty-something children who refuse to get out of house and fly solo. Their children are Todd portrayed by Jeff Davis, the eldest and the apple of the eye of their father, he was engaged to be married with a great girl but still having an affair with another great girl and so he dump his fiancée days before their wedding; Sara portrayed by Melanie Paxson was the only daughter and having success with her career but not with man; and Tim portrayed by Tyler Andrews, their youngest flunks out of high school and decide to move with Maggie portrayed by Susan Gibney, their thirty-something divorced neighbor, tennis partner of Annie, and their family friend, as they announce that they were dating.

The couple tries to find quality time with each other without thinking about their kids and problems but still doing everything to maintain their happy family image, and still be involved with their kids lives.