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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure : Television Series

I have ZERO desire to go native.”

I am a scholar myself when i am in college. I study Computer Science and finished it with the help of the scholarship given by the government. The things is that i signed a contract with them that after graduation i will stay in the country and work here for me to return to them what they've expend for my education. Though i do not have any plans to go abroad just yet i thought that having a real experience for a real job on my country will help me when i decided to go to foreign countries.

Northern Exposure was first aired on the 12th of July 1990 and lasted on the 26th of July 1995. The series was created by Joshua Brand and John Falsey and it has six (6) seasons with 110 episodes. It follows the life of a Jewish physician based in Alaskan town known as Cicely.

Dr. Joel Fleischman portrayed by Rob Morrow, a young Jewish doctor from New York who had finished studies at Columbia University medical school with the help of the scholarship from the state of Alaska. After graduation he planed to have a good start at Anchorage but instead he has been assigned as the General practitioner in Cicely, a town in Alaska for him to give them back the money that the state had spend for his education. Joining him are Maurice Minnifield portrayed by Barry Corbin as a former astronaut and a millionaire entrepreneur and owner of the KBHR radio station and newspaper who bring Dr. Fleischman to the town; Chris Stevens portrayed by John Corbett as a disc jockey; Maggie O'Connell portrayed by Janine Turner as a professional bush pilot and property agent; and many others.

The clash between the difference of Dr. Fleischman and the residents of Cicely was the center of the series. And despites Dr. Fleischman denials, he was seen to enjoy the life in Cicely.

Education is the most important thing of our lives except ofcourse our family and God. Education will not be taken from you not unlike money and other material things. Some of us became scholars and we have to give back to them what they have given us though in a different way. They expend money for us but we will give back what those money has given us and it is Knowledge. Even we have to go somewhere out for us to show how grateful we are for what we have given to us. Relocating may also help us with our lives. Those people we will met and things we will learn from there or from them will definitely help us in so many ways.



  • At April 10, 2007 at 11:51 PM , Blogger Christen the TV Junkie said...

    I LOVED Northern Exposure. I didn't get into it until the reruns which used to be on here at 1am on WB. That was probably 10 years ago now. I was young and out with friends all the time but every night I made sure I'd get home in time to watch it. Such a great show full of good vibes and deep life lessons. Made me want to move to Alaska. Of course it'd only be fun if Chris the DJ was there.


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