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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Miami Vice

Miami Vice : Television Series

Miami was surrounded by beautiful places but in exchange with that it also surrounded with a lot of crimes, drugs, prostitution, and the likes.“

Miami Vice Television Series was premiered on the 16th of September 1984 and lasted on the 28th of July 1989. The series has five (5) seasons with 111 episodes. It was created by Anthony Yerkovich and it follows the exploits of two vice cops as they battle series of crimes like drug trafficking and prostitution, among many others.

James Crockett also known as Sonny was played by Don Johnson and his partner Ricardo Tubbs played by Philip Michael Thomas are working on the Miami Metro-Dade Police Vice Department. James grew up in south Florida and now his living in a sailboat with his alligator named Elvis. He was a football player who had a knee injury that cuts his hope to go on a professional football career. Ricardo was raised in the Bronx with his brother named Raphael. His brother joined NYPD that later on he followed him but unfortunately his brother was killed in an undercover job after sometime of working together and with that happened in front of him he promised to find and payback the one who killed his brother. Together they battle crimes while Tubbs still looking for his brother's killer who was also a drug lord.

Drugs, prostitution, and crimes are around us. Detectives, police, people of the government and justice are doing their best to stop this all but unfortunately they can't. Some of them has been a victim of some of this crimes and they want revenge but it isn't the answer for all of this. The answer is justice. Justice which is sometime bias and go with the side of the wealthy people. Money really can buy anything if you want to. Even pride and justice, only if you expend more. Still there are people who takes an action and find real justice for victims.



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