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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bionic Woman

Bionic Woman : Television Series

"I'm not THAT bionic."

Bionic Woman was first aired on the 14th of January 1976 and lasted on the 13th of May 1978. The series has three (3) seasons with sixty (60) episodes. It was created by Kenneth Johnson and it was based on a novel written by Martin Caidin entitled Cyborg.

Bionic Woman was a spun off from the television series entitled The Six Million Dollar Man. It tackles the life of Jaime Sommer played by Lindsay Wagner, a professional tennis player and a teacher before she met an accident when she and Steve Austin (from The Six Million Dollar Man) went into skydiving. Jaime's parachute had defects and causes her to drop down that almost killed her. She had fatal injuries on her legs, right arm and head. Steve asked for his boss Oscar Goldman's help to rebuild Jaime by the bionic team headed by Dr. Rudy Wells.

After the operation and Jaime's recovery he was to become a member of Office of Strategic Intelligence (OSI). With the super powers she gained through the operation like speed for her legs, her arm was capable of bending steels or throw objects a mile and hearing a whisper even if it was a mile away, she did her missions given by the secret organization and she fights criminals and aliens.

There are a lot of new technologies nowadays and though it was so expensive and at times difficult to use, they were tried by governments and sees how it works and how it will help their country. I am not sure if this kind of technology was used by other countries as i haven't heard it here in our counrty, first it was too expensive for us and i don't there will be a person who will accept the offer. In my opinion, even the person who used this things will lived after a terrible accident there will be a time that things might go wrong and that the super powers that they've gained after the operation will be gone after some times. They'll body will definitely give up as it'll get tired of having those special powers.



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