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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Smart Guy

Smart Guy : Television Series

A genius don't have a well sailing life. Their usual problem is how to fit in. Having many ups and downs, a family will always be there for you.”

Smart Guy Television Series was premiered on the 26th of March 1997 and lasted on the 16th of May 1999. The series was created by Danny Kallis and it has three (3) seasons with fifty-one (51) episodes. It was set in Washington D.C. And follows the life of a genius boy who at ten (10) years old was already a high school sophomore.

T.J. Henderson portrayed by Tahj Mowry was the youngest child in his family and the smartest having an I.Q. Of 180. A ten year old whiz kid who skipped from 4th grade to 10th grade. And now his just a little kid in a big school who struggle to fit and can't figure out things around him like what is the problem of his brother Marcus who is with the same grade as he is. Marcus portrayed by Jason Weaver was T.J.'s older brother with an average grade and shares most of his classes with T.J., he was a forward in their basketball team and also on vocals on his band called Mackadocious.

The two brothers are joined by their father Floyd, owned and runs a roofing business was portrayed by John Marshall Jones and older sister Yvette. also intelligent but rejected from Princeton and later attends Georgetown University was portrayed by Essence Atkins respectively. They were also joined by Mo, Marcus's best friend and plays bass guitar in their band portrayed by Omar Gooding.

Genius as well as the others aren't have a smooth sailing life. They also has many ups and downs and sometimes their main problem was how to fit in, how to be cool and how to be normal just like the others sees each other. They were sometimes alone as they are called nerds and boring. Genius people done a lot for us. They invent a lot of things still they are left alone and unrecognized until they die. Having a close and supportive family will help them feel that they are normal and even their not cool they still FIT IN.



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