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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Boston Public

Boston Public : Television Series

"Every day is a fight. For respect. For dignity. For sanity."

Boston Public was premiered on the 23rd of October 2000 and lasted on the 1st March 2005. The series was created by David E. Kelley. It follows the personal and professional lives of the teachers, the students, and the administrators of the Winslow High School, a public high school in Boston, Massachusetts.

Being a teacher in secondary school wasn't easy. After graduating you'll be in a classroom with rebellious, active kids not your own with low salary and will sometimes criticize your way of teaching by parents, students, colleagues, and administrators.

Teachers doing their job heroically. They do complain as they are only humans but still when their infront of their students they still do what they have to do and think that the students needs them. They are their guide, their second parents that will not let them down.

Steven Harper portrayed by Chi McBride was the tough but with a heart of gold principal of Winslow High School. He usually struggle with the problems of his staff and students and as a leader of the school he handles all of it. Scott Guber portrayed by Anthony Heald, the strict vice principal who was forced to play as a disciplinary guy on the school to both the students and faculty members and as a result of his experience growing up being bullied by his peers who thought that he was a gay, he sees bullying as a serious offense just like cutting classes and cheating on the exams. Scott wants to be a principal but he has given by Steven unfavorable recommendation as the latter thought that he's not ready yet. As a result they sometimes fight between their two jobs but still deep friendship was key to both of them.

The faculty member of Boston's Winslow High School are rounded of Lauren Davis portrayed by Jessalyn Gilsig, one of the social studies teachers with a nickname “nun” because of her straightlaced way but later it her personality changed and she was later called as the prima donna perfectionist. Harvey Lipschultz portrayed by Fyvush Finkel, an elderly Jewish man and a history teacher. Harry Senate portrayed by Nicky Katt, geology professor assigned in the “Dungeon” classroom and known for his unusual tactics for teaching. Ronni Cooke portrayed by Jeri Ryan, a corporate lawyer who decides to teach. Marla Hendricks portrayed by Loretta Devine, another social studies professor who has a bipolar disorder and had to take pills to make it through a stressful day. Danny Hanson portrayed by Michael Rapaport, a humanities professor. And Marilyn Sudor portrayed by Sharon Leal, the music instructor and English professor.

They handle different subjects but still received almost the same stress on their day to day work on a secondary school. They handle their job well even they sometimes encountered problems from their teaching, students, parents, co-professors, and the administrators. After a long day they'll go home and create another lesson plan for the next day and received again another stressful day.



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