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Monday, October 15, 2007

One Litre Of Tears

One Litre of Tears

"To be able to smile and tell everyone this; i have, atleast, cried one litre of tears. "

A heart warming Japanese Series. A person with shallow tears will definitely cry with this series. This is about a 15 years old girl that was diagnose with an incurable disease. Her name was Aya; smart, love sports (basketball), good with everyone, and loved by everyone young lady.

Aya didn't easily accepts her disease just like others who was also diagnose with some diseases. But with the help of her family, friends, and everyone that understand and believe in her she accepts it and sees life differently. After 10 years of suffering, she died at the age of 25.

This is a series that will definitely touches your heart. And gave you courage to live on and make the most out of it. A series that might change the way you see the life in front of you.

Some Memorable Quotes from the Series:
  • I really don't want to say things such as "I want to go back to how things were before". I recognize how i am right now, and I will continue to live on.
  • Even though I have been hurt before by those heartless glares this also helped me to understand that around me, there still exists some gentle glares. Therefore, I definitely won't run away. That's what I'll do. Definitely. Always.
  • The quiet classroom after class; The view outside the window; the wooden floor of the corridoors; Talking in homeroom; I like all these. I'm likely to only cause trouble for people and it might not really do me any good to stay here. Even if it's like that, I still want to stay here. Because this is the place where I am.
  • To be able to smile and tell everyone this; i have, at least, cried one litre of tears. Therefore, even when i leave this school, I definitely won't think that some things have ended.
  • If you look up at the sky after falling down the blue sky is also today stretching limitlessly and smiles at me...I'm alive.
  • For those people who are really listening, they will definitely understand.
  • People shouldn't dwell on the past. It's enough to try your best in all that you're doing now.
  • Reality is too cruel, too brutal. I don't even have the right to dream. As I think about the future, the tears will come out again.
  • Where should I head towards? Even if there isn't answer, I'll feel better by writing it down. I've looked for a pair of helping hands but I couldn't feel them, couldn't see them. I only face towards darkness and hear hear the sounds of my hopeless screams.
Poems by Ikeuchi Aya from One Litre of Tears:

The Other Side of Suffering

Everyone feels pain
But surely, after suffering satisfaction will arrive
Even with sports; studying or other ordeals with life,
It's like that for everyone
If we can beat the pain, on the other side
a rainbow of happiness awaits us.
That will definitely become a treasure
Lets believe in that.

Step by Step

When my existence seems to disappear
I will look for the place where I can do the best I can
From now on, I'll deliberate slowly
I won't be impatient
I won't be greedy
I won't give up
Because everyone takes things step by step

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