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Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Family

HAPPY FAMILY : Television Series

Happy Family will make your life great.”

Who doesn't want to have a happy family? I don't think there will be a person who'll wish that they rather be from a broken family. Having a great and happy family will be nice and that you too will certainly be happy being part of it. It'll give you something to be proud of as your parents are together and that you are close to them along with your siblings. I know that there's no perfect family you'll definitely encounter such problems that will shake your relationship with each other but still a family with love will stick together, understand, help and be with each other.

Happy Family was first aired on the 9th of September 2003 and ended on the 20th of April 2004. It was created by Moses Port and David Guarascio and it has only one (1) season with twenty-two (22) episodes. It follows the lives of a couple with twenty-something children and planning celebrating life as a couple again as they thought their kids will be be getting out of home because they all grown up.

Peter and Annie Brennan portrayed by John Larroquette and Christine Baranski respectively are couple with twenty-something children who refuse to get out of house and fly solo. Their children are Todd portrayed by Jeff Davis, the eldest and the apple of the eye of their father, he was engaged to be married with a great girl but still having an affair with another great girl and so he dump his fiancée days before their wedding; Sara portrayed by Melanie Paxson was the only daughter and having success with her career but not with man; and Tim portrayed by Tyler Andrews, their youngest flunks out of high school and decide to move with Maggie portrayed by Susan Gibney, their thirty-something divorced neighbor, tennis partner of Annie, and their family friend, as they announce that they were dating.

The couple tries to find quality time with each other without thinking about their kids and problems but still doing everything to maintain their happy family image, and still be involved with their kids lives.



Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Richie Rich

Richie Rich : Television Series

“The riches boy on earth was out for his own adventures.”

It is nice to be rich. You'll have almost everything in the world that you want that money could buy and you might even have more than one of it. Still being rich does not mean that you'll be happy. In life wealth will not buy everything like friends, love, and the likes. There are more important things than those you can buy out of your money just like your real friends and love.

Richie Rich
was premiered on the 8th of November 1980 and lasted on the 1st of September 1984. The series was based on the Harvey Comics' and it has four (4) seasons with forty (40) episodes. It follows the exploits of the richest kid of the world.

Richie Rich voiced by Christian Hoff, was the only child of a wealthy parents. He lives in a mansion and owns everything that money could buy. He was a kind boy and for him the most important thing in life are his family and friends. Joining him are Mr. Richard Rich and Mrs. Regina Rich as his parents; Cadbury as their butler; Irona as their robot maid and his bodyguard; Bascomd as their chauffeur; and Dollar as their family dog; and many more.

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure : Television Series

I have ZERO desire to go native.”

I am a scholar myself when i am in college. I study Computer Science and finished it with the help of the scholarship given by the government. The things is that i signed a contract with them that after graduation i will stay in the country and work here for me to return to them what they've expend for my education. Though i do not have any plans to go abroad just yet i thought that having a real experience for a real job on my country will help me when i decided to go to foreign countries.

Northern Exposure was first aired on the 12th of July 1990 and lasted on the 26th of July 1995. The series was created by Joshua Brand and John Falsey and it has six (6) seasons with 110 episodes. It follows the life of a Jewish physician based in Alaskan town known as Cicely.

Dr. Joel Fleischman portrayed by Rob Morrow, a young Jewish doctor from New York who had finished studies at Columbia University medical school with the help of the scholarship from the state of Alaska. After graduation he planed to have a good start at Anchorage but instead he has been assigned as the General practitioner in Cicely, a town in Alaska for him to give them back the money that the state had spend for his education. Joining him are Maurice Minnifield portrayed by Barry Corbin as a former astronaut and a millionaire entrepreneur and owner of the KBHR radio station and newspaper who bring Dr. Fleischman to the town; Chris Stevens portrayed by John Corbett as a disc jockey; Maggie O'Connell portrayed by Janine Turner as a professional bush pilot and property agent; and many others.

The clash between the difference of Dr. Fleischman and the residents of Cicely was the center of the series. And despites Dr. Fleischman denials, he was seen to enjoy the life in Cicely.

Education is the most important thing of our lives except ofcourse our family and God. Education will not be taken from you not unlike money and other material things. Some of us became scholars and we have to give back to them what they have given us though in a different way. They expend money for us but we will give back what those money has given us and it is Knowledge. Even we have to go somewhere out for us to show how grateful we are for what we have given to us. Relocating may also help us with our lives. Those people we will met and things we will learn from there or from them will definitely help us in so many ways.



Monday, April 2, 2007

Ned and Stacey

Ned and Stacey : Television Series

“Marriage for convenience. How will it work?”

Ned and Stacey was first aired on the 11th of September 1995 and lasted on the 27th of January 1997. It was created by Michael J. Weithorn and it has two (2) seasons with forty-six (46) episodes. The series follows the lives of two people who can't stand each other but got married for their convenience.

Ned Dorsey was portrayed by Thomas Haden Church. Ned was an advertising executive and he needs to get married for him to get promotion at work. While Stacey Colbert Dorsey was portrayed by Debra Messing. She was a pretty gal journalist who needs to get away from her parents and so she needs a home for her to lived. With the two needed something both of them agreed to be married. Ned to get a promotion and Stacey to live in his apartment. They were joined by Amanda Moyer portrayed by Nadia Dajani, sister to Stacey and wife to Ned's best friend Eric Moyer portrayed by Greg Germann. Eric was called Rico by Ned, he was an accountant at an advertising firm owned by Ned. Amanda and Eric had one son named Howard.

Marriage for convenience are done by those who need something from each other. It was like an arrange marriage for convenience that was usually happened to those rich people. They arrange marriage for their child for them to gain more power or anything at such. It was getting married with someone you didn't love and just depend on what you'll get from each other. Sometimes one or both will fall in love with each other but at times they will eventually part ways or live together but do not care with each other. Come to think of yourself marrying someone you didn't love, will you be happy with only those things that will be yours because of marrying them? I am not against marriage for convenience as i respect other people decisions but then i do not want it to happened with me. Every decision have its own reason and its own out come. And on all of it there will surely be a positive and negative things that will happened. Surely we do not want to have bad experiences on our marriage. Who wants to have a broken family? None i think. When parents part ways how will their children accepts it. A lot of factors are needed to keep in mind.