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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bionic Woman

Bionic Woman : Television Series

"I'm not THAT bionic."

Bionic Woman was first aired on the 14th of January 1976 and lasted on the 13th of May 1978. The series has three (3) seasons with sixty (60) episodes. It was created by Kenneth Johnson and it was based on a novel written by Martin Caidin entitled Cyborg.

Bionic Woman was a spun off from the television series entitled The Six Million Dollar Man. It tackles the life of Jaime Sommer played by Lindsay Wagner, a professional tennis player and a teacher before she met an accident when she and Steve Austin (from The Six Million Dollar Man) went into skydiving. Jaime's parachute had defects and causes her to drop down that almost killed her. She had fatal injuries on her legs, right arm and head. Steve asked for his boss Oscar Goldman's help to rebuild Jaime by the bionic team headed by Dr. Rudy Wells.

After the operation and Jaime's recovery he was to become a member of Office of Strategic Intelligence (OSI). With the super powers she gained through the operation like speed for her legs, her arm was capable of bending steels or throw objects a mile and hearing a whisper even if it was a mile away, she did her missions given by the secret organization and she fights criminals and aliens.

There are a lot of new technologies nowadays and though it was so expensive and at times difficult to use, they were tried by governments and sees how it works and how it will help their country. I am not sure if this kind of technology was used by other countries as i haven't heard it here in our counrty, first it was too expensive for us and i don't there will be a person who will accept the offer. In my opinion, even the person who used this things will lived after a terrible accident there will be a time that things might go wrong and that the super powers that they've gained after the operation will be gone after some times. They'll body will definitely give up as it'll get tired of having those special powers.



Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The District

The District : Television Series

“Crimes are just Around”

The District was debuted on the 7th of October 2000 and ended on the 1st of May 2004. The series was created by Terry George and Jack Maple and it has four (4) seasons with eighty-nine (89) episodes. It follows the professional and personal life of the chief of Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C.

Jack Mannion portrayed by Craig T. Nelson, a former NYPD transit cop whose revolutionary tactics have cut out fifty (50) percent of crimes first in Boston, then in Newark New Jersey and now he was hired as the chief of Police of Washington D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department. Washington D.C. Was the home of more law enforcement agencies than any other city but still has the highest crime rate in the United State. Joining and helping him are Joe Noland portrayed by Roger Aaron Brown as the Deputy Chief of Police; Temple Page portrayed by Sean Patrick Thomas, recruited by Mannion and his eyes and ears on the streets in America; and Nancy Parras portrayed by Elizabeth Marvel, the intuitive officer; among many others.

Crime rates are really increasing in many countries. We can't really stop it immediately but we can control it if we just gave our dedication to it. There are people who claims that they can cut crimes down though not sure how much still they do everything just to improve their job and cut crime off for their countrymen lives. Crimes are really out there and we should give extra care of ourselves as police or people with such profession is not always around us. We should be extra careful and take ourselves far from such crimes though we can't really say that even though we're being careful we can't encounter those crimes.



Friday, March 16, 2007

Dharma and Greg

Dharma and Greg : Television Series

“They are two people who fall in love and get married on their first date. They are from different worlds. One from a hippie family the other was from upper class family. How will the marriage work?”

Dharma and Greg Television Series was debuted on the 24th of September 1997 and ended on the 30th of April 2002. The series was created by Dottie Dartland and Chuck Lorre and it has five (5) seasons with 119 episodes. It was set in San Francisco and tackles the life of a couple who grew up with different style of parenting.

Dharma Freedom Finkelstein-Montgomery and Gregory Clifford Montgomery portrayed by Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson are husband and wife who get married on their first date. Dharma was raised by hippie parents and was teach by her parents at home and so she has a limited understanding and worked as a yoga instructor. While her husband Greg was raised by upper class family and worked as a lawyer.

They were joined by their family and friends. Katherine and Edward Montgomery portrayed by Susan Sullivan and Mitch Ryan respectively as Greg's parents and Abigail Kathleen and Myron Lawrence Finkelstein portrayed by Mimi Kennedy and Alan Rachins respectively as Dharma's parents. Jane Deaux portrayed by Shae D'Lyn as Dharma's friend and Peter James Cavanaugh portrayed by Joel Murray as Greg's colleague.

They are two different person. One raised by a hippie parents, home schooled and so she only trust her instinct and the other was from an upper class family and finished his studies and became a lawyer. They met and fall in love and get married on their first date. There you'll see how love works. You don't have to be of the same level of everything like others told that “rich will be for rich” and “poor will be for poor”, love doesn't work like that. You will feel it and that will make the two of you perfect for each other even there are things you obviously had that the other did not. In Love there's no perfect person. You love them with no reason. You don't care where they're from come, you just love them as it was how you feel. Love them with respect and understanding.



Thursday, March 15, 2007

Felicity : Television Series

I guess I'm learning, little by little, that we decide what our lives are going to be. Things happen to us, but it is our reactions that matter.”

Felicity Television Series was premiered on the 29th of September 1998 and lasted on the 22nd of May 2002. The series was created by J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves and it has four (4) seasons with eighty-four (84) episodes. It follows the life of a a fresh high school grad from Palo Alto, California and move to New York as the result of the changer of her education plan.

Felicity Porter portrayed by Keri Russell, fresh high school graduate who asked her long time crush classmate named Ben Covington portrayed by Scott Speedman to sign on her yearbook. Having read his comment she decides to change her education plan and so instead to attend Stanford University to take medicine she moved to New York and attend University of New York where Ben will go. Unfortunately upon arriving to New York she discover that Ben has a girlfriend and he didn't quite remember her name when they first met in the university. With the sort of emotions she still continued what she had planned and moved to her dorm and met lots of new people their. One of them was the resident advisor Noel Crane portrayed by Scott Foley. Joining them are Meghan Rotundi portrayed by Amanda Foreman as her college roommate; Julie Emrick and Elena Tyler portrayed by Amy Jo Johnson and Tangi Miller respectively as her best friends.

Going to college, deciding what course and school is just like deciding for your future. There are consequences on all our decisions and we can never tell which is right or wrong ahead of time, not until we encountered it and from all of it we've learned a lot. We make decision from our choice of life. We decide witch path we'll take and from there we start, unfortunately there are times that at the start of the game we see that we've made a mistake and the great thing that we have to do was to correct it and made another choice, a choice that we think will make the wrong move right.

Being in college isn't a joke. We should take full responsibility and we shouldn't decide because we want to be with someone like we chose this university because my boyfriend will go there or take this course because my best friend will take it instead we have to choose because it is what we want and what we feel that will made our dream come true. Though it wouldn't be smooth as on the start you'll definitely scared and struggle with the new surrounding, still you'll met new people and eventually fit in.



Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Smart Guy

Smart Guy : Television Series

A genius don't have a well sailing life. Their usual problem is how to fit in. Having many ups and downs, a family will always be there for you.”

Smart Guy Television Series was premiered on the 26th of March 1997 and lasted on the 16th of May 1999. The series was created by Danny Kallis and it has three (3) seasons with fifty-one (51) episodes. It was set in Washington D.C. And follows the life of a genius boy who at ten (10) years old was already a high school sophomore.

T.J. Henderson portrayed by Tahj Mowry was the youngest child in his family and the smartest having an I.Q. Of 180. A ten year old whiz kid who skipped from 4th grade to 10th grade. And now his just a little kid in a big school who struggle to fit and can't figure out things around him like what is the problem of his brother Marcus who is with the same grade as he is. Marcus portrayed by Jason Weaver was T.J.'s older brother with an average grade and shares most of his classes with T.J., he was a forward in their basketball team and also on vocals on his band called Mackadocious.

The two brothers are joined by their father Floyd, owned and runs a roofing business was portrayed by John Marshall Jones and older sister Yvette. also intelligent but rejected from Princeton and later attends Georgetown University was portrayed by Essence Atkins respectively. They were also joined by Mo, Marcus's best friend and plays bass guitar in their band portrayed by Omar Gooding.

Genius as well as the others aren't have a smooth sailing life. They also has many ups and downs and sometimes their main problem was how to fit in, how to be cool and how to be normal just like the others sees each other. They were sometimes alone as they are called nerds and boring. Genius people done a lot for us. They invent a lot of things still they are left alone and unrecognized until they die. Having a close and supportive family will help them feel that they are normal and even their not cool they still FIT IN.



Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Miami Vice

Miami Vice : Television Series

Miami was surrounded by beautiful places but in exchange with that it also surrounded with a lot of crimes, drugs, prostitution, and the likes.“

Miami Vice Television Series was premiered on the 16th of September 1984 and lasted on the 28th of July 1989. The series has five (5) seasons with 111 episodes. It was created by Anthony Yerkovich and it follows the exploits of two vice cops as they battle series of crimes like drug trafficking and prostitution, among many others.

James Crockett also known as Sonny was played by Don Johnson and his partner Ricardo Tubbs played by Philip Michael Thomas are working on the Miami Metro-Dade Police Vice Department. James grew up in south Florida and now his living in a sailboat with his alligator named Elvis. He was a football player who had a knee injury that cuts his hope to go on a professional football career. Ricardo was raised in the Bronx with his brother named Raphael. His brother joined NYPD that later on he followed him but unfortunately his brother was killed in an undercover job after sometime of working together and with that happened in front of him he promised to find and payback the one who killed his brother. Together they battle crimes while Tubbs still looking for his brother's killer who was also a drug lord.

Drugs, prostitution, and crimes are around us. Detectives, police, people of the government and justice are doing their best to stop this all but unfortunately they can't. Some of them has been a victim of some of this crimes and they want revenge but it isn't the answer for all of this. The answer is justice. Justice which is sometime bias and go with the side of the wealthy people. Money really can buy anything if you want to. Even pride and justice, only if you expend more. Still there are people who takes an action and find real justice for victims.



Monday, March 12, 2007

Doogie Howser M.D.

Doogie Howser M.D. : Television Series

Being intelligent does not mean you got it all.”

Doogie Howser M.D. was debuted on the 19th of September 1989 and ended on the 24th of March 1993. The series was created by Steven Bochco and David E. Kelley and it has four (4) with ninety-seven (97) episodes. It follows the life of a sixteen-year old board certified surgeon.

Douglas Howser or much known with his nickname Doogie was portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris. Doogie was a genius teenager being a certified surgeon at the age of sixteen. Even his intelligent he still encounter problems towards life. He was torn between having fun as a teenager and the life on his profession. He was supported by his parents namely Katherine and David Howser portrayed by Belinda Montgomery and James Sikking respectively. His father was also a doctor and one of his co-workers at the hospital who respects him. Joining them is Vinnie Delpino portrayed by Max Casella as Doogie's best friend who usually climbs Doogie's windows.

Being genius also gave you restriction as there are things that you can't do and some people see you differently. Intelligent people has different priorities as they are being told so or oblige to by people around them that sometimes they can not have real fun just like their age. But there are people who gave them respect even though they were younger than them as they know that the young one has more to say or more to give rather than them. Intelligent or genius people also need guide for them to use their intelligence on the right way. Still there are some difficulties on lives as people expect from you more than any other else.



Providence : Television Series

Being with your family is the best days of your life. Nothing can ever be more important rather than them even your glamorous job.”

Providence was premiered on the 8th of January 1999 and lasted on the 20th of December 2002. The series was created by John Masius and it has it has five (5) seasons with ninety-six (96) episodes. It follows the life of plastic surgeon for the rich and her family in Providence, Rhode Island.

Dr. Sydney Hansen portrayed by Melina Kanakaredes was from Providence, Rhode Island but has been to Beverly Hills working as a plastic surgeon for the rich. She goes back home to Providence for her sister's wedding but unfortunately before the wedding happened their mother died. After a while she goes back to Beverly Hills to continue her glamorous job but she learned that her boyfriend was cheating on her, with another man. Later she decided to move back home to Providence and leave her glamorous job to be with her family and just took a job at a free clinic there. Joining her are her parents namely Lynda portrayed by Concetta Tornei, their mother who dies before her youngest daughter's wedding and appears to Sydney's dreams to gave her advice and Dr. Jim Hansen portrayed Mike Farrell, their father who was a veterinarian and has a clinic on their basement; her siblings Joanie portrayed by Paula Cole, an optimistic person and who was a single mother to her daughter Hannah as she decided not to marry her daughter's father after her mother died before their wedding and Robbie portrayed by Seth Peterson, a charming guy who marries a divorce woman named Tina with one son named Pete; and Dr. Helen Reynolds portrayed by Leslie Silva as her friend.

Family is the most important part of your life. They are the once who mold you on being who you are. Once you get out of your home you'll definitely come back to be with them just like before. They are always there when you need them. You might not seen them physically still they will make you feel that they were just around.

Love will come into your life and you will definitely encountered problems but still love will always find its way to came in. You'll encounter some difficulties like cheating but still you'll come up with something that will bring the two of you and your relationship all well. Just like what happened with Sydney, she learned that his boyfriend in Beverly Hills cheats on her later she met someone that she'll marry but still encounter some cold feet before the wedding and had some things in mind that made her a little unsure whether to continue the wedding or not.



Thursday, March 1, 2007

T.J Hooker

T.J. Hooker was premiered on the 13th of March 1982 and lasted on the 28th of May 1986. It was an American police drama television series starred by William Shatner who did not have serious roles at that time.

T.J. Hooker focused on the life of a detective who returned back to his job as a Sergeant after his partnered was murdered. He goes back to the street to rid those criminals responsible with his partner's death. From plain clothes as a detective back in uniform as a Sergeant, T.J. Hooker portrayed by William Shatner was divorced but still friends with his ex-wife named Fran portrayed by Lee Bryant, who was a nurse. He was assigned to train the new recruits of the academy. He was partnered with young, impulsive, and sometimes hot headed rookie named Vince Romano portrayed by Adrian Zmed. Hooker acted as his trainer on professional and personal part of his life. T.J. Hooker's tough and different ways of doing the job done often results with him and station Captain Dennis Sheridan portrayed by Richard Herd clashed. Dennis Sheridan was a personnel in the LAPD academy precinct. He has a daughter named Stacy Sheridan portrayed by Heather Locklear, an attractive officer partnered with Jim Corrigan portrayed by James Darren. Jim was a veteran cop who along with Stacy patrolled the streets. The four worked closely and tackle each cases they encountered.

The series was sometimes hilarious with the help of Shatner's portrayal as a straight-its-camp performance of moral speeches to young people involved on their cases and sometimes with his rookie partner Vince Romano. T.J. Hooker was a man with a lot of problems from his personal and professional life and that he was the one who was not agreed by everyone around him at times still he manage to set him self as a role model and he was respected and his ideas and ambitions were taken seriously by everyone.